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My little sister knows me too well! I love journals and I love Doctor Who!  Thanks April!
Got this guitar for my 16th birthday, tried to learn it and failed and I haven’t really touched it since. But yesterday I felt so guilty that it has been collecting dust in the corner that I’ve decided to try again…
Five days since I got back home to Detroit and I am so hyped to be painting again. I turned my room into a make-shift studio, that way I’ll be more productive…or atleast that’s the idea.

I’ve been on so many types of journeys this past summer in the Berkshires…personal, professional, and just becoming an actual adult…scary, invigorating stuff. Now that I’ve graduated college, and soon will leave my summer internship with no real plans as to what I’m doing, I feel a type of freedom that I’ve never felt before. For the first time in forever, I have no solidified next step. For so long I teetered on the balance between doing the ‘great’ and ‘safe’ things others expect of me vs pursuing the things I actually love. Soon it will be time for me depart, I simply have to decide on my desired destination….

A post I made to my other personal blog that definitely speaks towards my current outlook as an artist…

Artwork by / ”Zenith”

Thanks again to themindconceives for posting “Zenith”!

themindconceives said: Hey just wanted to let you know that your art was posted on our blog. Amazing art btw, hope you can submit any new additions to us in the future!

Oh Wow! Thanks for posting it, I really appreciate it! It’s always wonderful to hear people say that they enjoy my work :)

There is now hay, and soon to be goats, in the Ibrahim Quraishi exhibition in Gallery 51, the gallery that I’m currently working at for DownStreet Art, where we are opening 9 new exhibitions and are putting on musical performances. If youre in the Berkshires region, make sure to come and get down with us!